Kendo Treeview Inside Dropdown

Kendo UI provides a whole vast set of Out Of Box Controls .

We will be covering one controls which is highly sought but yet not present in kendo Library.

Kendo Node Dropdown ( Fusion of kendo treeview and kendo dropdown controls)

Kendo Node Dropdown

HTML Markup :

We will create an Un-ordered list of the data which we want to show as treeview inside the dropdown.

For the demo I will be creating a UL with static data. But the Un-ordered list can also be created with dynamic data like looping through a model in razor view of MVC.


An input element for the Kendo Dropdown




For finding the selected node we have to find out the selected text of the dropdown as below:


This is how a fusion of Kendo Tree view and Kendo dropdown can be created . Hope someday the parent nodes will also go the same way .

Will be coming up with few other Out of box combinations .


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